Areas (Overview)
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An area is a geographic territory on which your company teams or your vendor teams perform services for your company clients.

Required Subscriptions:

  • Feature: AreaSupport

Note Your Back Office application has the default area which is created automatically, so if needed, you can rename it.

Areas List

On the Areas page you can add, and edit areas, as well as assign managers to areas and set area prices for services.

  • To add a new area, click Add on the toolbar, enter settings, and click OK.

  • To modify an existing area, click Edit next to the appropriate area, change settings, and click OK.

Area Managers

Area Managers are the Back Office users whose access to data is limited by their area scope. For example, they have access to inspections, work orders, and invoices of teams assigned to their area.

Note Only users with the Area Work Manager role and the Area Administrator role can be area managers.

To add an area manager

  • On the Areas page, in the Managers column, click the Managers link next to the appropriate area.

  • On the Area Managers page, click the box or the down-pointing arrow, click the appropriate user in the list, click Add, and then click Update.

Tip To delete an area manager, click Delete next to the appropriate area manager.

Service Prices

Service prices are used to set different prices for different areas, so that when technicians from a particular area add a service to inspections and work orders, service price can be automatically adjusted based on area price settings.

To set an area price for a service

  • On the Areas page, click the Service Prices link next to the appropriate area.

  • Click the appropriate service in the Services box, and then in the Service Package box, specify whether area price is set for all service packages to which this service is added (Any Service Group), or just for the default service package (All Services).

  • Enter the appropriate price in the Wholesale Price box and the Retail Price box, if needed, change the current date in the Effective Date box, and then click Add.

  • If needed, add as many different area prices for different effective dates as you want, and then click Save Prices

Note You can also set area price directly in the service profile by clicking the Areas link in the Prices section. 

Area Settings

When you create a new area or edit an existing area, you enter or change settings in the area profile.

In the Area dialog box you can enter the following settings:

  • Name

  • Description

  • Address

  • Logo


On the Address tab you can enter the following settings:

  • Company Name

  • Address

  • Address 2

  • City

  • Country

  • State/Province

  • ZIP/Postal Code

  • Email

  • Phone

  • Fax

  • Web Address

  • Use Address On Printout adds the area address to printouts instead of your company address.

On the Logo tab, you can add or change the area logo.

  • To add or change the area logo, click Select or click the Logo box; in the File Upload dialog box, browse to the logo image file with PNG extension, click it, and then click Open.

  • To delete the area logo, click Clear Logo.

Note Select the Use Logo On Printout check box if you want the area logo to be used on printouts instead of your company logo.

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