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ReconPro Back Office (November 13, 2017)
ReconPro Back Office (November 13, 2017)

What's new in ReconPro Back Office application updated on November 13, 2017

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Partial phase enforcement

Now you can define phase enforcement for particular phases of a repair location which means that some phases must be done in a certain order, while others can be done in any order. 

Unclose repair orders

Now users with the Administrator role can undo the close of repair orders. 

Condition Report

Now you can print inspections in the Condition Report format that shows details of inspection, vehicle, and services, including multiple pictures that illustrate vehicle condition.

Required Subscriptions:

  • Features: Print Management

  • Print Package: Condition Report Package

Note You need to assign the Condition Report print template to the appropriate inspection type in order to see the condition report when you click the Inspection# link on the Inspections page.

Merge duplicate retail clients

Now you can merge retail clients that are automatically detected as duplicates.

  • On the Company tab, click Clients; on the Clients page click Duplicates tab, select the check box next to clients you want to merge, and then click Merge


  • You can click Merge All to merge all clients within the group of duplicates. 

  • You can click Dismiss to clear all selected check boxes within the group of duplicates. 


  • Retail clients are automatically detected as duplicates if they have the same first name and email, or last name and email, or phone number and email, or address, city, and state. 

  • Merged client gets entries and settings from a duplicate client which information is more complete than others.

Reduce the number of retail clients shown in mobile app

We have added the Retail Clients Amount setting that limits the number of retail clients shown on the Customers screen in the Retail mode on device.

New columns in CSV file with list of clients

Now when you export clients to CSV file, you can see client information in the following columns we have recently added:

  • ClientDescription (Notes)

  • EmailInvoices (Email Invoices to Customer)

  • EmailInspections (Email Inspections to Customer)

  • PORequired (PO# Required)

  • VehicleHistoryEnforced (Vehicle History Enforced)

Invoice media improvements

We have added the Select All option to invoice media library, so now you can download all invoice images without selecting them one by one. 

  • On the Invoices page, click the icon in the Media column next to the appropriate invoice, and then select the Select All check box and click Download.

We have also added the Previous button and the Next button to the preview page, so now you you don’t have to go back each time you want to see another image. 

Showing VIN in the Parts Ordering form

We have added the VIN field to the Parts Ordering form.

Required Subscriptions

  • Features: Parts Ordering - Basic

To see VIN in the Parts Ordering form 

  • On the Inspections page, point to the Select button in the Action column next to the appropriate inspection, and then click Parts Ordering.

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